Breast Cancer Facts

More Than 0
cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in Ireland
1 in 0
Irish Women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime
Approximately 0
men will develop breast cancer each year in Ireland
# 0
most common cancer among women in Ireland (excluding skin cancers)
0 +
Woman are most commonly diagnosed after the age 50
People currently living with breast cancer in Ireland

Breast Cancer Survivors

The number of cancer survivors living through or after cancer treatment in Ireland continuing to increase, year on year.

Breast cancer makes up 23% of all cancer survivors (n=45,875), the greatest proportion of cancer survivors in Ireland.



  • There are substantial inroads being made in the progress to control the four commonest cancers, including breast.
  • The death rates are falling for all four major cancers, including breast.
  • Research is essential to improving outcomes for patients. The best cancer outcomes result from clinical care taking place in a cancer research and education rich environment.