Call to fast-track plans for a dedicated cancer centre in the west

Photo (L/R): Director of the Saolta-NUI Galway Cancer Network, Professor Michael Kerin, Miriam Hand, National Breast Cancer Research Institute, Senator Aisling Dolan, Dodd, VP for Development at NUI Galway and National Breast Cancer Research Institute Director, Paul Earley.

The National Breast Cancer Research Institute, Cancer Care West and NUI Galway joined forces to call on the Government to fast-track plans for a dedicated cancer care facility in the west and northwest, “as a matter of urgency” in Dublin yesterday. Committed in the National Development Plan 2021–30 last October, this much-needed Cancer Centre will ensure that all cancer patients receive access to a timely diagnosis and the essential care and treatment they need. The West and Northwest of Ireland are the most disadvantaged and geographically dispersed with a higher-than-average older population and higher incidence of cancer overall. Unfortunately, the worst outcomes for cancer are seen in this region. Without a fit for purpose Cancer Centre, quality care cannot be delivered. A dedicated Cancer Centre at University Hospital Galway and functional, regional cancer infrastructure are urgently required to save lives. Read more here:…/2022/0330/1289301-cancer-centre-west/

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