Ella, Alanna and Elise Cut Their Long Locks for Breast Cancer Research

These wonderful cousins, Ella Hynes, Alanna and Elise Fitzsimons are paying tribute to their Mum and Aunty Sinéad McGovern Hynes and their Granny Sarah McGovern by donating their lovely long locks to the Rapunzel and the Princess Trust charities, who make wigs for patients receiving cancer treatment.

Both Sinéad and Sarah wore wigs during their cancer treatment as it was important to them to feel good about themselves. With this in mind, the girls decided to help current and future patients by donating their lovely long hair.

gg’s hair studio in Craughwell, Co. Galway has kindly offered to cut the girl’s hair, this Saturday, 25th June and the monies raised will go to support the research work of the National Breast Cancer Research Institute based at the Lambe Institute, NUI Galway. The girls would appreciate your support and encourage all young ladies to think about donating their hair also. A small donation would be much appreciated!

Thak you Ella, Alanna and Elise for your incredible support!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE: www.idonate.ie/LisaFitzsimons


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