The National Breast Cancer Research Institute is delighted to announce a hugely exciting online art fundraising auction this December. 

The fundraiser is the brainchild of All-Ireland SFC winner John Divilly in association with Paul Byrnes Media. They recently commissioned two of the best artists in Ireland to create six incredible one off pieces for auction, centred around the spirit and fun of our national games. 

The two great artists who created three pieces each are: 

Niall O’Loughlin 

Niall is a multi award winning caricaturist whose work has appeared on RTE’s The Late Late Show. 

Mike O’Donnell 

Mike is a court artist in the High Courts. He is also a muralist and traditional sign writer. 

NOTE: The 6 Stunning bespoke pieces are also beautifully framed. 

Click an image to enlarge it. 


Auction Instructions

  1. Log in or register for a free account on NBCRI
  2. Select an auction item below.
  3. Place a bid. The starting price is marked beside each item. Bids are in increments of €100. 
  4. You do not pay anything until the auction ends on the 16th December 9pm. The highest bidder for each item will be contacted to pay their bid amount and receive the item.
  5. Please do not place a bid unless you are willing to commit to it at the end of the mark

Dimensions 96cm x 73cm

Dimensions 96cm x 73cm

“CCC Casino”
Dimensions 96cm x 73cm

“Free Takers Clinic”
Dimensions 96cm x 73cm

“JC Camp”
Dimensions 96cm x 73cm

“Radio School”
Dimensions 74cm x 57cm