It’s Back, ‘BINGO IN PINK’!

Eyes Down for a Full House, it’s Back, ‘BINGO IN PINK’ at Seapoint Galway.

We are delighted to announce ‘Bingo In Pink’ is back on Saturday, July 27th. Everyone had a ball last time and raised €8,450 for breast cancer research so hopefully we can raise even more!

The wonderful people at Seapoint  will sponsor a €4,000 guaranteed prize fund. This will be made up of the €3,000 Seapoint give every Bingo night, PLUS a €1,000 guaranteed flyer on the night. There is also a €5,000 Jackpot in Play!

Seapoint will guarantee a minimum €5,000 will be donated to National Breast Cancer Research Institute – But remember, the bigger the crowd the more can be raised. So dress in PINK, come out and enjoy the night and maybe even grab yourself some of that €4,000!

Note: Seapoint Galway will pay all staff, absorb all costs, sacrifice a trading night and donate all prize money. There are no costs to National Breast Cancer Research Institute for this event so please support.

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