We Announce Our Three-year Strategic Plan

The National Breast Cancer Research Institute, has recently launched its strategic plan to support the charity’s growth and development to 2025.

From its establishment in 1989 by Professor Fred Given, the research work the charity supports has grown to global recognition. It has contributed to major international partnerships on cancer genetics and medical devices development, with researchers running clinical trials on the latest treatments and therapies.

The National Breast Cancer Research Institute’s mission is to improve patient outcomes by raising funds in support of world-class, impactful breast cancer research. NBCRI supports the full spectrum of breast cancer research – from cancer genetics to new treatments; personalised medicine to new diagnostic devices – to enhance the quality of life and provide better outcomes for all breast cancer patients through new discoveries in prevention and cure.

33,352 people in Ireland are currently living with breast cancer. One in seven Irish women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, making it the most common cancer among women excluding skin cancers.

Speaking at the launch of the plan, Chairperson of the National Breast Cancer Research Institute, Caroline Loughnane said, “The new Strategic Plan sets out a compelling vision for the future with six strategic goals designed to support new research through an ambitious fundraising drive, increase the national reach of the charity and develop relationships with external collaborators. Thanks to the extraordinary commitment, generosity and drive of our supporters, NBCRI looks to the future with confidence in our vision to enhance the quality of life and outcomes for breast cancer patients ”.

The charity is largely funded from voluntary fundraising activities and has set itself a target of increasing fundraising by 20% annually over the next three years building on its successful annual fundraisers such as: ‘Play in Pink’ Golf competition, ‘Race in Pink’ with the Galway Races, ‘Swim in Pink’ ‘All Ireland Cycle’, ‘Mayo Pink Ribbon Cycle’, ‘Win A BMW’ prize draw and annual charity balls and fundraisers at The Lodge at Ashford Castle and Dromoland Castle.

Over the last 25 years, the National Breast Cancer Research Institute based at the Lambe Institute, University of Galway has funded 41 full time postgraduates and 102 undergraduate medicine and science students as part of the University’s School of Medicine summer research programme.

View our strategic plan by clicking the image below.

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